“I never knew a wedding with kids could be so relaxed!”

Are you planning a wedding and inviting kids? Let us help you make it enjoyable for the kids, their parents and you!


It is very exciting for kids to attend a wedding, and they express it in very different ways. Because they are unpredictable, it can be a stressfull day for parents. Keeping kids entertained throughout the day is kind of a big deal. 


Now, sitting through a six course meal and listening to an hour of speeches is not children’s idea of fun. Let our wedding nannies take care of the kids and create a party of their own!

Why you'll have the best day ever

No regrets about inviting children to your wedding

You can have a kids-free ceremony or reception

Guests enjoy your wedding day carefree

The kids are entertained to the fullest

Our wedding nannies have first aid certificates

You can party on 'till dawn with all of your guests

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