Our wedding nannies make sure everyone enjoys the party!

Help, how do I entertain the kids?

Here's the secret...you don't have to! My Party Planner makes sure the kids have a great day, too! Our nannies are here for kids of all ages. Designing a veil or tie, crafting party hats, decorating cup cakes, painting photo frames or let them create something beautiful for the lovely couple. We have tons of ideas to keep them entertained! And the babies are also in good hands with our professional and qualified nannies, so parents can enjoy your wedding day carefree and to the fullest! Let your little guests and their parents  enjoy an unforgettable day and book our wedding nannies today. 

Party packages

We have different packages you can choose from or buy a party box to entertain them after dinner! 


4 hours €300 / 8 hours €500 

2 nannies

Max. 10 kids

Extra nanny: €75


Extra fun

4 hours €450 / 8 hours €750 

3 nannies

Max. 20 kids

Extra nanny: €100


Super fun

4 hours €750 / 8 hours €1000

5 nannies

Max. 30 kids

Extra nanny: €125



Any special requests or more than 40 kids  at your wedding?  Let us know. We make sure everyone enjoys your wedding carefree and to the fullest!