Kids Party Club

Are you organizing a festive event where guests can bring their kids along? We provide kids entertainment at home, during weddings and business events so both the parents and the kids (and yourself included) have a great day! Don't let your staff unintentionally turn into babysitters during kids events and kids parties at your restaurant. Give us a call, and our professional nannies make sure your staff can continue doing their job during while they entertain the kids with fun activities. So what are you waiting for? Let's get this party started!


We make sure the newly weds can enjoy their wedding together with their loved ones, while the kids are in good hands. Our wedding nannies make sure the kids enjoy the wedding in their own way. 

Private party

Celebrating a special occassion for all of your loved ones? Now everyone can celebrate this special occasion with you! Our nannies take care of the little ones, so you and their parents can dance the night away. 


With  our Kids Party Club everyone enjoys your company outing or kids event at your restaurant. Instead of baby sitting, your staff can do their job. The parents have their hands free and we provide the kids with fun activities!