About My Party Planner

Our motto: life's a party! What we love? Making kids and mommies-to-be super happy by organizing an unforgettable party, without you having to lift a finger! Because we understand that finding inspiration and actually organizing a party takes a lot of time (read: scrolling through Pinterest and wondering how on earth you're going to get all of this done?). We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the party to the fullest instead of running around! That's why we plan your party from A-Z ;)


We want you to have an unforgettable party without the stress. Whether you're planning your kid's birthday party, hosting the baby shower of your BFF or need nannies to take care of the little ones during your wedding. And we've got lots of ideas to make themes come to life. We can even decorate your party venue so you can focus on more important things (like what you're going to wear!). My Party Planner keeps smiles on everyone's faces by working professionally, delivering top service and keeping our standards high.  


So, let me properly introduce myself: my name is Fabienne and planning parties gives me life! What I value most in my work is creating memories that will last a lifetime. I always go that extra mile to make a party succesful. I'm creative (say hi to DIY!), enthusiastic and have an eye for detail. My professional background lies in the social-scientific research sector. Yet, planning and organizing parties is my true passion for as long as I can remember. From planning weddings and big birthday parties to high-level events with the UN, the Royal Family and organisations abroad.


As a kid I made it my personal mission to organize something special for every occasion (or just for no reason at all). Up to this day, those memories are one of the best ever. My goal is to create special memories for you and your loved ones, too. One party at a time!


If you have burning questions or can't wait to throw a party, let us know!


Lots of love, Fabienne